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Le Massif Train – Quebec City to La Malbaie

Experience the beauty and gastronomy of the Charlevoix region aboard the Train of Le Massif de Charlevoix. Le Massif Train invites you to enjoy an 87-mile (140 kilometer) rail cruise experience on a route across spectacular scenery, between Quebec City and La Malbaie. Whether you take a one-day excursion or an overnight getaway you can set yourself free to experience the Charlevoix in its every detail. Be filled with the legends and hidden treasures of a region so rich in history and make way for an adventure in culture and gastronomy. Feast on a four-course dinner while taking in the scenery.

One-way and roundtrip trips available based on schedule.

Departs from La Malbaie at 4:30pm and arrives in Quebec City at 8pm.


  • Departs from and arrives in Quebec City at the Parc de La
    Chute-Montmorency Station.

  • Departs from and arrives in La Malbaie at Point-au-Pic Station.

  • Spaces have been specifically reserved and designed for guests with
    reduced mobility, where getting around is made easier and settling in is a
    customized experience. Special rest areas and adapted tabletops are available
    at all times.

  • WiFi is available throughout the journey

  • Passengers seeking nutritionally balanced menus, with a preference for
    vegetarian dishes or suffering from food allergies are invited to make their
    dietary requests known when making their reservations. It will be the Chef's
    pleasure to concoct a special meal that meets their

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