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What Does It Mean to 'Customize' Your Train Vacation?

By Amtrak Vacations Monday, October 15, 2018 Read time: 5 minutes
Elderly Woman on the Train

In today's travel world, one size no longer fits all, especially when it comes to train vacations. Travelers are in search of meaningful experiences that are independent and value-focused. They want to book a vacation package that not only meets their unique lifestyle and budget but one that fits their individual interests, needs, schedules — and even whims. People want to travel when they want, where they want and with whom they want. Sound familiar? We know you're in search of an itinerary that goes far beyond cookie-cutter tours or off-the-shelf-product featured in travel brochures. As far as experiences and itineraries go, one is only limited by their imagination (or that of one of our Rail Vacation Specialists). No one knows better than you what you want, but our staff has the knowledge and skill set to show you what is available and what is possible. They can take your custom wish list and turn it into a logistically exciting, memorable trip.

Customizing a train vacation guarantees a unique experience because you were part of creating the itinerary to get exactly what you want.

Whether the trip you've been thinking about booking is intended to celebrate a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary, you or your spouse's retirement, is a bucket list adventure, or just for fun with family and friends, you can opt for a partly or fully customized train vacation. You can book a train journey designed exclusively for you!

Upgrade to a Bedroom or Roomette Onboard the Train

Accessible Bedroom Superliner Man Sleeping

Planning on taking a long-distance, overnight train vacation? Well, there are a few sleeping accommodations to choose from! While many people find themselves comfortable in one of the coach seats available onboard, when you reserve a Bedroom or Roomette in an Amtrak sleeping car, you'll experience the best way to ride the rails. Not only that, you'll arrive in your destination(s) refreshed and ready to explore! It also means taking a trip that is distinct and authentic while having comfort and privacy. When you upgrade to "Sleeper Service," all of your Dining Car meals (up to three full-service meals a day with water, soda or juice) are included in your ticket fare. Alcohol is available at an additional cost. You'll also be assigned a car attendant who will show you to your cabin, take down your beds at night, and fold up your beds in the morning. Passengers are entitled to a range of hotel-like amenities. These include fresh linens and towels, a hot shower, complimentary bottled water ice, soft drinks, and hot coffee. Other "Sleeper Service" amenities include: • Personal room attendant – turn down, coffee and bedding • Sofa (converts to a bed) • Two reclining seats (converts to bed) • Electric outlets • Fold-down table • Reading Lights • Climate control • Garment rack

Start Your Journey from Your Hometown or Any of the 500 Amtrak Stations

Union Station in Denver Colorado

Regardless of the kind of train vacation you want to experience, you can choose to start your journey from more than 30 train routes in over 500 destinations in 46 states. Many of the train stations and routes are iconic and offer the most sought-after scenery. Yes, that's a lot of options! You can even begin your adventure from your own hometown for convenience.

Take a Roundtrip Journey or Experience an Itinerary in Reverse

All American RT Journey

Are you interested in beginning and ending your journey in the same city? Why not experience one of our roundtrip train vacations? It's the best way to maximize sightseeing time by taking the train from one destination to the next. Check out The All American package above to get an idea. We also offer all of our packages in reverse. West to east or east to west? Clockwise or counterclockwise? It's up to you! You can choose to reverse the order of all train routes, station stops, and destinations of an itinerary. Your train vacation will begin with the last station of the original trip and will end where the original trip started. Want to reverse your roundtrip vacation? It won't  change your starting point of your train vacation but will reverse the order of stops and destinations.

Add Extra Nights in a Favorite Destination

Seattle Skyline View

What if you’re traveling through a city that you’d love to explore? What if you’re passing through a place on your bucket list? Choose your preferred length of stay in any destination we offer, even for multi-destination trips, for personalization and freedom within any package.

Adding additional nights in a particular city will give you the chance to get the most out of your train vacation.

Add a Getaway Onto Your Train Journey

Rails to the Grand Canyon - Customizable Vacation

Let's say you booked one of our most popular train vacation packages, such as Rails to the Grand Canyon. In that case, you'd get the opportunity to experience the great American Southwest from onboard the train and the majestic South Rim following an amazing ride on the Grand Canyon Railway! The original itinerary begins and ends in Los Angeles but there are no overnights in the city. However, if you choose to add a getaway onto your trip, you could spend a night or two exploring all the City of Angels' famous attractions before heading back home or continuing with your onward travels.

Handpick Your Experiences, Activities, Tours and Restaurants

Chicago Bean - City Skyline

Did you know that you can handpick any portion of your trip and not simply the train routes and accommodations? With Amtrak Vacations, you have the opportunity to book a variety of options and add-ons like a rental car, sightseeing tours, special attractions (such as Chicago's 'Bean' pictured above), or dining experiences at local, popular restaurants (such as The Roof in Salt Lake City, with its incredible Temple Square views and delicious fare).

Combine Set Itineraries or Create Your Very Own

Combine Itineraries - Customize

If you were to book our Glacier National Park Express package, did you know that you can combine that trip with another to maximize the sights you'll see, onboard adventures, and memories you'll make? It's true. One of the best options to choose from would be adding on our Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria Rail Journey to explore the best of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia!

Are you ready to craft your custom itinerary and experience the train vacation of a lifetime? Call us today!

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