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Travel the Green Way for Earth Week

By Amtrak Vacations Sunday, April 23, 2017 Read time: 2 minutes

In celebration of Earth Week, why not ride the train for your next vacation as a sustainable alternative to a higher emission car or airplane?  By alleviating highway gridlock, consuming less fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, rail travel provides an affordable, efficient and environmentally-responsible option to car and air travel. Per a recent study by the U.S. Department of Energy, traveling by rail contributes less per passenger mile to greenhouse gas emissions then either cars or airplanes. Specifically, Amtrak is 30% more efficient than traveling by car, and 8% more efficient than domestic airline travel on a per-passenger-mile basis. Other Amtrak green initiatives include partnering with to provide passengers with the choice of purchasing carbon offsets along with their Amtrak ticket. In 2016, passengers purchased 101 metric tons of CO2 offsets which equates to eliminating 242,000 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle or eliminating carbon emissions from burning 107,000 pounds of coal. Amtrak has also been reducing fuel and energy usage year over year with several additional initiatives including energy efficiency upgrades, improved train handling, and implementation of their Green Power Purchasing Policy.

Amtrak Energy Table 2

* U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory Data on Fuel Efficiency - Transportation Energy Data Book (Edition 35), Table 2.14 In addition, all of Amtrak’s trains feature onboard recycling receptacles for bottles, cans and paper. And recycling receptacles in Amtrak-owned station concourses and food courts help encourage customers to recycle whenever possible. Amtrak Vacations offers customized rail packages featuring Amtrak's most popular trains and routes, including scenic journeys to the national parks, and popular cities including Washington, DC, New Orleans, New York City and Chicago. To learn more about traveling green by rail to your favorite destinations, visit Amtrak Vacations. For more information on Amtrak’s green initiatives, visit Travel Green with Amtrak.

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