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10 Reasons for Taking the Train on Your Next Vacation

By Amtrak Vacations Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Read time: 3 minutes

Do you have flying fatigue? Driving doldrums? While all modes of passenger transportation have their definite pros and cons, travel by train offers a welcome change from the hassle, inconvenience and the stress these more commonly taken modes of travel can bring.  Need more reasons to consider taking the train on your next vacation? Read on…

1. Arrive and you're there

Washington D.C. Union Station

Imagine stepping off the train and literally being steps away from your hotel. Because many Amtrak train stations are right in the heart of major cities, and even inside national parks, getting to your hotel is often as simple as a 5-minute walk. The net gain - money saved in expensive cab rides and transfers, and more time to spend relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

2. No lengthy check-ins

Forget lengthy and elaborate security checks and cumbersome luggage check-in that requires you arrive at the airport hours in advance of your departure. In most cases, you can get to the train station 30 minutes prior to your departure, and because of Amtrak’s generous carry-on policy, simply step onboard with your bags, with time to spare.

3. Travel in comfort

With no ‘middle seat,’ Amtrak’s two per row coach seating offers more width and legroom pitch than standard airline economy seats. You’re free to get up at any time and move to another train car for a different view out the window, or to grab a snack from the Café Car. And with ample overhead space, your luggage is within reach on the train, but conveniently out of the way.

4. You'll eat better

All Amtrak overnight trains include chef-prepared, hot meals in the Dining Car, so you arrive at your destination well-rested AND well-fed. And for lighter fare like sandwiches, snacks, fruit and beverages, the Café Car is a welcome destination when you’re ready to stretch your legs and have some munchies.

5. You'll sleep better

No one likes to sleep sitting up, even with a blanket and a pillow. While Amtrak’s coach seats are more comfortable than standard airplane seats, the option of a private bedroom or roomette with a bed on an overnight (or multi-night) train journey is appealing to many. Add free amenities like toiletries, bottled water and Wi-Fi (on select routes) and the prospect of arriving at your destination well-rested and refreshed becomes a reality.

6. No traffic

While road trips have their distinct appeal, the reality of sitting in traffic, unexpected delays and the cost of gas gets old quick. The only traffic you’ll experience on the train is perhaps seeing it as you whiz by the crowded city streets on the way to your destination.

7. It's better for the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint traveling by train vs. flying or driving. According to Amtrak, traveling by rail is 30% more efficient than traveling by car, and 8% more efficient than domestic airline travel on a per-passenger-mile basis.

8. It's safe

As the potential hazards involved with air and automobile travel continue to grow, train travel remains a consistently safe alternative to flying and driving.

9. It's an experience

Certainly, the experience of riding the train is a huge reason why people choose to embark on a rail vacation in the first place. The nostalgia and history of the journey, the slower pace and the unprecedented views of America's heartland all hearken back to a different, simpler time.

10. How about those views?


Enough said! For more information on the Amtrak Vacations rail experience, visit our website.

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