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QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Amtrak Train Travel?

By Amtrak Vacations Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Read time: 5 minutes

You may have taken Amtrak before to get from Point A to Point B, but have you taken a long-distance train vacation yet? Take this short quiz to test your long-distance train travel smarts, and learn a few things about the joy of rail travel along the way!

1. Which of the following is an Amtrak long-distance train?

a.  California Zephyr b.  Empire Builder c.  Southwest Chief d.  All of the above ANSWER: d. All of the above. Of Amtrak's 30+ major routes, 15 are considered long-distance, meaning they travel between multiple cities and across multiple regions, and often have a Sleeping car and a Dining car so that passengers can sleep and eat during the course of their journey. In addition to these three trains, other popular Amtrak long-distance routes include the Coast Starlight, the Lake Shore Limited, the Crescent, and the City of New Orleans. To learn more about the long-distance train onboard experience, click here.

2. To travel across the country on Amtrak, you will spend how many nights on the train?

a.  1 b.  2 c.  3 d.  4 ANSWER: c. 3. It takes three nights, without stopovers, to travel the 3,000+ miles across country by train. Many people swear by long-distance train travel as a relaxing and hassle-free alternative to flying and driving, and they choose to upgrade to a roomette or bedroom to enhance their journey. To learn more about sleeping accommodations onboard a long-distance Amtrak train, click here.

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3. Does Amtrak travel to Canada?

a.  Yes b.  No Answer: a. Yes. Many riders enjoy taking Amtrak north to enjoy Canada's stunning scenery. On the East Coast, Amtrak connects from New York to Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls. On the West Coast, Amtrak connects from Seattle to Vancouver. To learn more about Amtrak Vacations train travel to Canada, click here.

4. Which national park has an Amtrak train station at its entrance?

a.  Grand Canyon b.  Yellowstone National Park c.  Glacier National Park d.  Rocky Mountain National Park ANSWER: c. Glacier National Park. Located in Montana, Glacier's connection to rail travel dates to the earliest days of the park, when the Great Northern Railroad had an active role in promoting the park and building hotels and other visitor facilities in and around the park. Today, you can ride Amtrak's Empire Builder train, which runs between Chicago and Seattle, and stops at the park daily. To learn more about Amtrak Vacations' incredible train trips to Glacier National Park, click here.

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5. Amtrak allows one piece of carry-on luggage per passenger.

a.  True b.  False ANSWER: b. False. Amtrak’s generous luggage policy allows TWO carry-on bags up to 50 pounds per passenger and two small personal items (such as a purse, laptop or blanket), which can be easily stowed in overhead bins. Beyond that, you can check two bags for free and up to two additional bags for just $20 per bag. An Amtrak agent can help you check and label your bags at the station for easy identification when getting on and off the train. For more information about Amtrak's luggage guidelines, click here.

Coast Starlight through hills with trees

6. Meals are included with Sleeping car service on the train.

a.  True b.  False ANSWER: a. True. Full meal service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included with Sleeping car service onboard Amtrak. For more information about meals and dining on the train, click here.

7. Which major city has more than six Amtrak routes running into it – more than any other?

a.  Washington, DC b.  Chicago, IL c.  New York City, NY d.  New Orleans, LA ANSWER: b. Chicago, IL. Chicago's iconic Union Station is the largest Amtrak hub in the U.S. The following long-distance lines run into and out of it daily: Empire Builder, California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Texas Eagle, City of New Orleans, and Lake Shore Limited. Click here to learn more about Amtrak vacations into and out of Chicago, as well as other popular destinations.

8. You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks onboard the train.

a. True b. False ANSWER: a. False. You are able to bring your own food and beverages onboard the train - especially important if you have special dietary needs or restrictions. You can eat/drink these at your seat, in your private Sleeping car accommodations, and the Sightseer Lounges. Although alcoholic beverages are served onboard, you can carry on your own private stock as long as you follow the train’s guidelines. And bringing on your own water is highly recommended. To learn more about meals and beverages onboard, click here.

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9. Amtrak train travel is the most environmentally friendly mode of long-distance transportation.

a.  True b.  False ANSWER: a. True. Train travel is 14 percent more efficient than domestic airline travel and 31 percent more efficient than auto travel on a per-passenger-mile basis, making it the most energy efficient mode of long-distance transportation. To learn more about the benefits of train travel, click here.

10. You can start and end an Amtrak Vacation at any of the 500+ stations in North America.

a.  True b.  False ANSWER: a. True. The beauty of taking a roundtrip train vacation on Amtrak is that you can start and end your journey at ANY of the 500+ Amtrak stations across the United States. So whether it’s the small station closest to your hometown, or a major station in one of your favorite cities, like ChicagoWashington, DC or San Francisco, you can start and end your vacation where and when you want. So, how did you do? To learn even more about taking an exciting vacation by train, visit our WEBSITE.

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