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Celebrate Grand Canyon's Centennial With These 5 Train Vacations

By Amtrak Vacations Sunday, February 24, 2019 Read time: 4 minutes

"The Grand Canyon fills me with awe. It is beyond comparison - beyond description; absolutely unparalleled throughout the wide world..."     - Theodore Roosevelt

The Canyon is calling! No matter how many stories you've heard about the grandeur and majesty of the Grand Canyon, or how many inspiring images you may have seen, nothing can really prepare you for the actual, awe-inspiring sight of it. It truly is something to behold at least once in your lifetime. On February 26, the Grand Canyon celebrates 100 years since its designation as a national park. Commemorations are planned for the big day, which will kick off a yearlong celebration with events at the Park and throughout Arizona. All centennial activities are a joint effort between Grand Canyon National Park and Grand Canyon Conservancy to engage with the next generation of park stewards.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Grand Canyon welcomes approximately six million domestic and international visitors each year. After 100 years, whether it's hiking a corridor trail, taking a stroll on the rim or enjoying the landscape from an overlook, Grand Canyon continues to provide a space for all visitors to connect with the outdoors. Now is the time to lose yourself in the majesty and the magnificence that is Grand Canyon National Park. Join the Grand Canyon Centennial celebration with a visit to the park by train this year! Depart from any of Amtrak's 500+ stations across the United States, and let the train take you there in scenic, stress-free comfort. Check out the five itineraries featuring the Grand Canyon below, or create your own custom journey with the number of days you want, and everything you want to see and do including fun tours and activities!

 Rails to the Grand Canyon

Get ready for a scenic trip of a lifetime from the City of Angels to the majestic Grand Canyon! Board Amtrak in Los Angeles and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the great American Southwest as you venture over to Arizona. Your next stop is the magnificent Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World! Go where no automobile has ever gone before aboard the Grand Canyon Railway and travel down into the Canyon's South Rim for a guided tour of many lovely sights. Spend another full day exploring everything this amazing wonder has to offer and bask in the fresh mountain air and gorgeous scenery. This is one trip you will be talking about for years to come! >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VACATION

② Grand Canyon Getaway

North America’s greatest natural monument awaits you on your Grand Canyon Getaway! Your exploration begins in Williams, Arizona, where you will be surrounded by nature in a quaint Route 66 town. Then, you’ll climb aboard the Grand Canyon Railway for a journey through a beautiful stretch of ponderosa pine forest to one of the seven wonders of the world. At the South Rim, you will be treated to a tour and experience the Canyon in all its majesty. Keep your camera handy! >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VACATION

Grand National Parks of the Southwest - Bryce & Zion to the Grand Canyon

The Navajo Trail in Zion National Park, Utah
If you’ve been imagining what it would be like to experience some of the most beautiful, untamed landscapes of the American Southwest, this nine-day, eight-night roundtrip rail journey is the perfect adventure! Immerse yourself in the mysterious and soul-stirring geography of Grand Junction, Arches & Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon—with plenty of leisure time to lounge and take it easy along the way. Featuring dazzling views everywhere you look, you could spend a lifetime exploring these regions and still discover something new and exciting each time. Be prepared to fall in love with and happily lose yourself in the exquisite beauty of the wilderness of these Grand National Parks of the Southwest! Gorgeous year-round, this is your opportunity to experience what millions of other travelers from around the world get to each year. >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VACATION

Grand Canyon Explorer

Visit the magnificent Grand Canyon along with a few other gorgeous Southwestern cities, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Flagstaff. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and fascinating heritage of Albuquerque. Spend some quality time in the colorful and historic Santa Fe. Get up close and personal with the wondrous Grand Canyon and take in some of the most breathtaking vistas in North America. Explore the astounding natural wonders of Flagstaff, including the stunning Red Rocks of Sedona. This Grand Canyon Explorer rail journey promises a relaxing trip full of spectacular sights! >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VACATION

Grand National Parks with Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon

Three of the nation's greatest national parks await you on this rail journey across America! Take in the great expanse of the American West as you travel across the Great Plains and through the Rocky Mountains aboard Amtrak. Stop to explore all the sites and wonders of sprawling Yellowstone National Park. Continue on to Yosemite, where your tour takes in all the stony peaks, beautiful open meadows, and piney forests that make up this national treasure. The Grand Canyon will leave you in awe with a natural beauty that took millions of years to create. Your Grand National Parks journey will provide a host of unforgettable experiences! >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VACATION

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