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woman laying down in amtrak bedroom

Choose from five different First Class private rooms


woman reading book in a roomette onboard amtrak
mother and daughter playing cards in their private room aboard Amtrak
woman sitting in daytime layout of an Amtrak roomette


woman laying down in amtrak bedroom
couple sitting in a private amtrak bedroom

Bedroom Suite

comfortable couple on amtrak bedroom suite bunk beds
couple looking at each other from bunkbeds onboard amtrak

Family Bedroom

mom and child reading book in private room onboard amtrak
mom and son in amtrak private family bedroom

Accessible Bedroom

Friends in the Viewliner Wheelchair Accessible spaces

How to choose a private sleeping room

Frequently asked questions

Are meals included with my sleeping accommodations or any other perks?

Yes, all meals are included with the purchase of sleeping accommodations aboard the train as well as several other perks including; a picture window, showers and toilets, electrical outlets, climate...

What's included in a First Class private sleeping room?

In all rooms, daytime seating converts to beds at night. Electrical outlets, climate controls, reading lights, a small closet, and a fold-down table are all within easy reach. Bed linens and soap are...

What is a Superliner and Viewliner sleeper? 

The Amtrak Sleeping Car fleet consists of two types of cars: Superliner and Viewliner. The primary difference is that a Superliner features two levels of private accommodations per car (double-decker...

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