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As a special thank you, we are granting you access to a FREE printable download of our Amtrak Vacations System Map to help you plan your trip.

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Life Onboard Amtrak Presentation

Learn all about what it is like traveling onboard Amtrak and much more with Amtrak Vacations with our live webinar presentations. Register today!

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How we can Customize your Vacation

Add extra nights in a favorite destination or add a City Getaway

Choose your preferred length of stay in any of the hundreds of destinations we offer, even for multi-destination trips, for personalization and freedom within any itinerary. It’s easy to add extra nights, activities, and more.

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Handpick your accommodations, activities, tours and dining

In your chosen destinations, you’ll have the opportunity to book a variety of options and add-ons like a rental car, sightseeing tours, special attractions, or dining experiences at local, popular restaurants.

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Combine itineraries, create your own, or travel them in reverse

You may wish to combine two or more itineraries to maximize the sights you’ll see, the onboard adventures you’ll have, and the memories you’ll make. Or even take any of our packages in reverse. The options are endless!

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