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Mt. St. Helens National Monument & Ape Cave FROM PORTLAND with Lunch

On this small-group Mt. St. Helens Tour from Portland, your naturalist guide will share the significance of the 1980 volcanic eruption through captivating stories and interpretative nature walks. You’ll also discover how the local ecosystems are reemerging and evolving. Descend into the Ape Cave lava tube, watch for elk grazing in the gaze of the smoldering crater, and enjoy colorful wildflowers against the barren landscapes. Witness incredible stories of survival and experience the resilience of nature demonstrated by this rebounding environment!

This isn’t just another driving tour of a beautiful landscape—we prefer to keep travelers outside the vehicle for walks and exploration.

Once in the Volcanic Monument, you’ll traverse the barren landscapes, stopping for a peaceful hike along the Hummocks Trail or to take in the still blue waters of Coldwater Lake. At Johnston Ridge Observatory you’ll embark on an interpretive walk along the famous Eruption Trail. The trail offers sweeping views of the blast zone and crater and teems with stunning purple lupine and other flowers in the mid-to-late summer.

Throughout the tour your guide will mix fascinating insights with opportunities for solitude as you come to appreciate Mt. St. Helens’ pristine wild side. We bring lots of food, coffee, tea and local wine!

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