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CVS Victoria Butchart Gardens Tour

The Butchart Gardens - one of Victoria's most famous and popular attractions! Begun in 1904 as an effort to restore a worked-out quarry site, The Butchart Gardens has since been delighting visitors from all around the world. As you make your way around the gardens, you'll walk through intimate stone paths and streams lined with colorful arrays of flowers and trees. The gardens adjusts their floral displays to suit the season so it is just as spectacular in Spring and Fall as it is in Summer.

The Butchart Gardens has been designed to please the eye and generally delight the senses. It could be the pale green of emerging leaves in spring, complemented by brilliant pink or white flowers of trees; the dazzling bedding plants framed in by sweeping lawns, with the treat to the nose of a waft of a thousand scents of summer. Approximately 35 minutes from downtown, The Butchart Gardens features over 55 acres of meticulously manicured grounds. Blossoms, fragrances and during the summer, the Night Illuminations, ensure that this will be an experience you will not soon forget.

ARE YOU A CRUISE SHIP PASSENGER? - Unfortunately we do not pick-up directly at the Victoria Cruise Ship Terminal, however, guests may take a shuttle bus from the Cruise Terminal to Downtown Victoria from all Cruise arrivals. The shuttle drops cruise passengers a block and a half from our Tour departure point at 811 Government Street. It is convenient, easy and an inexpensive way to get to the Gardens.


  • Hours of Operation:
    Departures time vary by season.

  • Handicap Accessible:
    Tours are handicap accessible. Advance notice must
    be given 24 hours prior for those wheelchair bound.

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Valid Dates: February through December

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